Happy Punter at La Vista

Have been to La Vista twice in last 10 days & both experiences were fantastic. Great menu & superb food. Service excellent & Saturday night they had a live musician who was excellent! Saxophone flute & vocals he was wonderful. Canā€™t wait to go sgsinšŸ˜ƒ

Summer is here

Hi,summer is here, I have been rehearsing my duo which includes Chris Neilsen onĀ  keyboards, sax and trumpet. We have added a few wedding dance tunes and we’re ready to go. I played a 58th birthday at the mount in September, see the review in the praiseĀ section.

School is winding up soon andĀ I have a big Vienna instrument order arriving mid December. Stock at the moment includes 8 alto and 4 tenor saxs, 6 trumpets and 2 clarinets. Email or txt me (021 254 7758) now for priority service so your organised for the new year.

Tuition has been flat out, parents tell me they’re pleased their child is learning an instrument and giving the computer games a rest and some of them will be ready for the annual christmas carol busking down at St Heliers, come and listen you’re sure to be impressed.

Professional studio for hire

Some parents have asked for their children to have some recording experience, so I have invested in a soundproof chamber from a tv voiceover studio.

You can play your heart out with no concern for my neighbours and get a professional demo to share with family and friends. I’m also looking at video so you can post on youtube.

My recording rates will be a very reasonable $60hr so this is a general callout to anyone looking to progress their talent.

Regards, David


regards david

Busy, busy, busy

Hi, just a quick update to say i will be adding some more audio soundbites from upcoming gigs,concert in the church. TheseĀ will be easy listening jazz and the corporate and birthday gigs will be party high energy.

Thanks to all enquiries about tuition, mostly one onĀ one Ā which suits me; most of the last order was presold so sorry i havent been able to stock up the store. I have some red, blue and gold altos and 4 tenors left. For some reason the tenors are slow movers this year, pity as in most of my live workĀ I use tenors, they’re more versatile for church and restaurant work.

AĀ final word to a fellow tutorĀ I worked with for 3 years passed away on the weekend, Stephen, you worked your heart out 24/7 doing what you loved, you will be missed.